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Roofing South Jersey

Roofing South Jersey

Choose the most reliable roofing contractor for your upcoming project. Call 856-303-0945 Universal Roofing in South Jersey provides professional roof repair and replacement services, inspections, soffit and fascia repair, gutter and downspout work and more. If you’re experiencing major roof leaks, contact the experts who can provide you with a free estimate of the job.

Inclement weather, such as snow, heavy rain, high winds and debris can all cause damage to a roof, damage that needs to be repaired promptly before water damage occurs. If you’re searching the South Jersey area for a dependable roofer, consider the contractor that has repaired and replaced the roof on thousands of homes across the region.

Universal Roofing maintains an A+ BBB rating, has excellent references, and offers 24-hour emergency roofing in the South Jersey area. As both a residential and commercial master roofer, Universal can provide complete roof replacements or repair of smaller damage in specific locations on your roofing system, using modern materials and environmentally-friendly and eco-green roofing materials.

The pros from Universal Roofing believe in using the finest roofing materials from top-shelf manufacturers for repair and replacement of roofing systems. They are careful to price each job and the materials being used based on the client’s budget, while factoring in such items as maintenance, repair and warranty. Every roofing contractor knows that picking the right materials and installing them properly will extend the lifespan of their client’s roof.

Universal Roofing works with the following types of roofing materials:

- Asphalt Composition Shingles, a great choice for a professional look at an affordable cost. Asphalt Shingles can be nailed over an existing roof in some cases, saving the homeowner money.

- Wood Shake, sometimes referred to as Cedar Shingles, which provide a nice, natural look. This aesthetically-pleasing option does not come without a few drawbacks, including maintenance and repair on occasion.

- Clay Tiles, which offer a long lifespan, will not rot or burn, and cannot be harmed by insects. Clay Tiles can be heavy, making it necessary for additional roof support; as well, they cannot be walked on. Installation can be time-consuming and costly, however this option does come with visually-stunning results.

- Slate, which is a series of shingle-like slivers of rock, offers a very attractive appearance but comes with a high cost. Slate has a long life span and comes with low maintenance, however is breakable, like tile, making maintenance difficult if it has to be performed.

- Metal, which is making a huge comeback, is the most popular choice today for residential roofing. The great appeal to metal roofing is that a homeowner can experience all of the benefits of using metal, with the look of wood, clay tiles, shingles or metal tiles.

If you’d like an estimate for a roofing job in South Jersey, call the experts from Universal Roofing and Contracting at 856-303-0945. For more information on the services Universal Roofing provides, feel free to check out the FAQ page on the website.

Roofing South Jersey
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Roofing South Jersey
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Roofing South Jersey Roofing South Jersey Roofing South Jersey