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roof leaking Fairfax

roof leaking Fairfax Is your roof leaking on your Fairfax home? Don’t wait another day to call in an expert from STB Remodeling. The longer you wait to locate and repair the problem, the more damage may occur. STB Remodeling will find the leak and its cause quickly and discuss with you the next best course of action.

There are numerous reasons why your roof may be leaking. While it can seem overwhelming to deal with a leaking roof, the fact is that the sooner it is addressed, the less costly the repair will be in the long run. Not all roof leaks are caused by the same problem, therefore, not all repairs will cost the same. Consider a few of the reasons you may be experiencing a leaking roof:

- If you’re experiencing a cracked flashing, water may be getting underneath the flashing and leaking in to your home.
- Broken or missing shingles may be obvious after a heavy storm. High winds and rain can damage shingles and require replacement.
- If your roof is sloped and its valleys were not sealed properly, over time, you may notice rainwater getting in to your home.
- Improperly installed skylights will leak over time, allowing rainwater in to cause damage.
- Clogged gutters can create a situation where rainwater is not being ushered away from your home properly.
- A cracked chimney can compromise your home and let moisture and water in.
- If your attic space is moldy or smells of mildew, you may have liquid condensation dripping down and causing a leak.
- Fragile roofing has been improperly walked on or walked on too often. If possible, stay off of your roof unless it’s an emergency and you are a professional.

These are just a few causes of a roof leaking on your Fairfax home. To determine the cause, contact the professionals from STB Remodeling by calling 703-849-0894 or visit their website at, where you’ll find a complete list of services offered, information about the company and its values, current specials and financing options.

If you can’t afford to have your roof repaired at the current time, rest easy knowing there are several options designed to meet the needs of homeowners. If you ignore your leaking roof and wait to have it repaired at a later time when you can afford to, your costs will be much greater. That’s why STB Remodeling offers a variety of payment options, to ensure every client can afford the necessary home improvement they are facing.

STB Remodeling accepts all major credit cards, provides low monthly payments for qualified buyers, and financing options through a well-known financial company, Synchrony Financial. STB Remodeling has partnered with SF to make financing your roof repairs easy for their clients. There is no need to visit your bank to take out a loan.

Don’t let the fact that your roof is leaking keep you from contacting a Fairfax contractor. You won’t have to pay for the entire repair up front when you call STB Remodeling. STB is a company that cares about your roof- and your finances. roof leaking Fairfax
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roof leaking Fairfax
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roof leaking Fairfax roof leaking Fairfax roof leaking Fairfax